TM statistics creation event

Description: Reflects the process of creating statistics on a call application that was launched for processing by a TM campaign. Depending on the call processing situations, one call application may send several events that are identified by the same statisticId identifier (the first event creates a new record in the statistics, others update the data)

EventName: TelemarketStatisticsUpdatedEvent

Designation of event parameters:

eventName – event name;
companyId – unique identifier of the company;
eventCreationDate – event creation date;
statisticId - unique identifier of statistics;
updatedDate – date and time when the TM call was conducted;
campaignId – the identifier of the telemarketing campaign;
operatorId – operator identifier in the system;
phoneNumber – client phone number;
operatorCallDuration – the duration of the conversation between the operator and the client;
generalCallDuration – time from the moment the client picks up the phone until the end of the conversation;
status – application execution status (successful, not successful);
clientCallStatus – reflects the result of the client’s call;
operatorCallStatus – reflects the result of the response of the operator;
closeFormStatus – status of closing a form (call script) by an operator;
callType – indicates whether this is a TM call or Callback;
recallDescription – recall description:
RecallDescription Callback status Description
AUTO_CREATED 0 Automatic callback created
PERSONAL_CREATED 1 Personal callback created
COMPLETED 2 The operator performed a callback
recallType – type of recall:
RecallType CallType Description
AUTO Callback(0) Auto callback completed
PERSONAL Callback(1) Personal callback completed
Normal Normal call to a client with TM
Callback Automatic, but the call to the operator was unsuccessful
redirectionId – designed to track calls and is displayed in statistics when, during a client’s stay in line, agent 1 did not pick up the phone and the call redirected to agent 2 who processed the call;
hungupSide – determines who completed the conversation;
externalId – external line identifier (used for dynamic call routing);
errorMessage – error message;
calledCount – error message;
clientSyncIdsToValues – in this object you can use any field values ​​for the client (one or several), in this example we use the value of externalId.



Telemarketing Application Status Change Event

Description:An event occurs every time a call application status changes in telemarketing

EventName: TACStatusUpdatedEvent

Designation of event parameters:

eventName – event name;
companyId – company identifier;
eventCreationDate – event creation date;
tac – array with application parameters;
orderIndex – system information (deprecated);
maxCallCount – the maximum number of dial-up attempts ("Number of dial-up attempts, if unsuccessful");
calledCount – the number of dialing attempts;
callPriorityIndex – system information (deprecated);
telemarketClientParentId – system information;
status – application status;
lastCall – time of the last call attempt;
nextCall – time of the next dialing attempt;
nextPhoneNumber – phone number to which the next dialing attempt will be made;
smsStatus – SMS message status;
smsMessage – text of the SMS message;
errorMessage – description of the error.
ccprojectCallStatus – call status selected by the operator in the form (call script);;
telemarketCampaignId – a unique telemarketing identifier;
ccprojectStatusCalledCount – system information (deprecated);
agiProcessing – system information (deprecated);
hasRecall – a callback was created for this application (true, false);
processable – whether the application will be processed;
id – a unique identifier for a client card;
clientSyncIdsToValues – an array of client synchronization fields.



Telemarketing callback creation event

Description:An event occurs when manual and automatic callbacks are created during the call.

EventName: TelemarketCallbackCreatedEvent

Designation of event parameters:

eventName – event name;
companyId – company identifier;
eventCreationDate – event creation time;
id – unique identifier of the callback;
createdAt – time the callback was created;
autorecall – automatic callback;
description – description of the callback;
name – name of the callback;
phoneNumber – phone number;
recallAt – time when the callback will occur;
recallStatus – callback status;
operatorId – unique identifier of the operator who created the callback;
applicationId – unique identifier of the application;
clientSyncIdsToValues – array of client synchronization fields.



Event about change of status of TM campaign

Description:Message about the status change of the telemarketing campaign. This event occurs when a TM campaign changes its status.

EventName: TelemarketCampaignStatusChangedEvent

Designation of event parameters:

eventName – event name;
companyId – company identifier;
eventCreationDate – event creation date;
campaignId – campaign telemarketing identifier;
status – status of the telemarketing campaign (NEW - the TM campaign has just been created and has never been launched; STOPPED - the TM campaign is stopped and no outbound calling; IN_PROCESS - the TM campaign is active and operators can work with it; PAUSED - the TM campaign is on pause, dialing temporarily does not occur; FINISHED - TM campaign is completely completed).